4 Reasons to Practice Yoga on your Wedding Day

It is well-known that while weddings are magical and exciting, they can also be super stressful, especially for the bride! 

Want to prevent turning into bride-zilla and letting the inevitable stressors take over your special day? Here’s how yoga can help!

1. De-stress

You’ve spent countless hours planning every detail of your special day, and as life goes, stuff is bound to get in the way that will stress you out. Yoga provides some much needed stress relief and deep relaxation to help you enjoy your big day.

2. Connect

Your loved ones have been by your side throughout this whole process. Taking time to practice with them offers them a gift to relax and be present for your special day. You will all feel more connected within yourselves and with one another for the big day!

3. Alleviate Anxiety

This is a big day, and anxiety may arise. Breathwork and grounding techniques on practiced on the mat can help you at the altar or whenever anxiety may arise. Learn how to ground yourself and breathe to feel grounded every step of the way.

4. Support your body

Wedding planning and weddings can be both mentally and physically exhausting! We want you to feel your best on your big day. Starting your morning with yoga will help your body feel supported as you dance the night away!

5. Be Present

What could be more important than being present on your big day? This is your special moment. There are a million little thoughts and worries that may try to sneak their way into your mind, but you have the power to stop them. Yoga helps us be more present on the mat and in our lives. Don’t let anything take away from enjoying all that is present. Breathe deep and savor the sweetness of this moment, you deserve it!