5 Reasons Why to give Private Yoga Sessions a Try

Have you ever wondered why people choose to invest in private yoga classes? There can be many reasons why someone opts to invest in yoga to support their mental and physical health through private sessions. Here are 5 reasons why should try a private yoga session:

1. Tailor the practice to meet your needs

It can be very tough for an instructor to meet every student’s needs in a group yoga class. One of the huge benefits of private lessons is having someone tailor the practice to meet your specific needs. Private lessons establish a strong relationship with a teacher who can help guide you in your practice.

2. Establish a consistent, sustainable routine

In order to make long term changes in physical and mental health, you have to develop sustainable practices. By investing in weekly or bi-weekly private classes, you set out a time to dedicate to yourself that fits within your life and your schedule.

3. Feel peaceful in your home

It is not uncommon for the home to become a source of stress. As you enter your house, you might be reminded of a list of to-do’s, chores to be done, and ongoing maintenance. These things will not go away, but you will learn how to settle in, and develop a sense a peace in this space. It is important to develop this sense of calm in your home so that you can carry it with you when you step off the mat and back into your busy life. 

4. Modify for your body

Every body is different. In order to make sure the practice is sustainable and supportive for your body over time, it is very important to practice safely for your body. Private sessions offer the opportunity to more verbal and hands-on adjustments to help your body move into the poses a way that best meets your physical needs. 

5. Develop skill sets to carry off the mat

Private lessons help you develop skills that support you even when you step off the mat. By working one on one with your teacher, you deepen your understanding of the 8 limbs of yoga and the ways the can support your life beyond your practice on the mat.

Dogs are welcome!

Dogs are welcome!